Mercy Corps and Chevron Liberia Limited launch partnership to support youth employment


July 24, 2012

Funding by Chevron Liberia Limited supports Mercy Corps program to benefit 3,000 youth in Liberia

PORTLAND, OR– The global humanitarian and development agency Mercy Corps today announced the launch of a three-year program with Chevron Liberia Limited (CLL), Promoting Sustainable Partnerships for Economic Transformation (PROSPECTS), to support youth employment and community development in Monrovia, Liberia.

PROSPECTS is part of a five-year social investment fund, the Chevron-Liberia Economic Development Initiative, or C-LED, established by Chevron Liberia Limited. Through education, enterprise development and health initiatives, C-LED supports job readiness and livelihood creation for women, children, and youth in Liberia.

“Providing young men and women with opportunities to learn, grow and be successful means stronger, safer and more resilient communities,” said Hussein Noor, Mercy Corps Country Director for Liberia. “This is beneficial not only for Liberia’s economy, but also for the nation as a whole.”

Through PROSPECTS Liberian youth will receive life skills and employment training, as well as develop positive social ties within their communities.

“Mercy Corps has a comprehensive approach to youth economic empowerment, and we are proud to partner with them in support of the Liberian Government’s poverty reduction strategy,” said Karl Cottrell, Country Manager, Chevron Liberia.

Ranked 182nd out of 187 countries by the 2011 Human Development Index, Liberia is still recovering from the devastating effects of a more than decade-long civil war that left a weakened economy and an entire generation with little education, few job opportunities, and strained social ties in its wake. The World Bank estimates that only 20% to 30% of the working-age population is employed, primarily in low-paying jobs. The plight of youth is compounded by the poor state of the education system – 56% of young women and 39% of young men have never attended school. PROSPECTS will help mitigate the major challenges Liberian youth face.