London Somalia Conference: Violence And Hunger Inextricable, Says Mercy Corps


May 11, 2017

Leading global organization calls for extending proven methods to prevent violent extremism

MOGADISHU, SOMALIA – The global organization Mercy Corps calls on international partners to use the London Somalia Conference to redouble efforts to confront the twin threats of drought and violence in Somalia at this crucial moment.

“Delegates to the conference must keep the failures of 2011 front and center. Somalis are dying of hunger and disease and we must move fast,” says Abdikadir Mohamud, Mercy Corps Country Director for Somalia. “But solutions must be long-term and lasting; otherwise we threaten to trap Somalis in a cycle of drought, death and aid dependence.”

Numerous displaced Somalis interviewed by Mercy Corps in recent days have said that this drought surpasses the severity of the 2011 crisis. At that time, unlike now, aid was able to reach rural regions outside of the control of government forces.

“We aren’t able to deliver aid to those most affected by the drought due to security concerns,” says Mohamud. “In addition to emergency aid, Somalia needs stability and this will require sustained support for the country to develop functioning and inclusive institutions.”

In line with Somalia’s National Development Plan, Mercy Corps calls for a strong approach to addressing the roots causes of conflict and violent extremism. The organization has seen proven methods of youth development, inclusive governance and civic society that can reduce the compulsion towards conflict in Somalia and calls for the political will and funding for their extension.

Mercy Corps has been improving access to food and clean water, supporting local markets and providing education and civic opportunities in Somalia since 2005 and has supported more than a million Somalis.

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