Urge Congress: Stop Trump Administration foreign aid cuts

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The Trump Administration is once again proposing devastating cuts to foreign assistance. In the past, Congress has rejected these proposals because our elected officials understand the impact of foreign assistance in lifting vulnerable families out of poverty, addressing global health threats, or providing basic relief to those in crisis, whether in Guatemala, Yemen or South Sudan.

Despite bipartisan congressional support for foreign assistance, the Administration is again attempting to cut foreign aid funds provided by Congress.

Tell your Member of Congress to speak out in support of foreign aid and oppose any attempt to cut foreign assistance.

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My Message

Dear Member of Congress,

As your constituent, I ask you to support U.S. foreign assistance programs that are endangered by a new round of cuts. Please tell the White House leadership and the Office of Management and Budget that you are concerned with reported efforts to offer a new rescissions package targeting the International Affairs Budget. If this rescissions package is transmitted to Congress, I urge you to vote against.

These cuts will endanger the lives of the world’s most vulnerable. The impacted programs make children healthier, families stronger, and girls more empowered. They include support for important global health priorities, such as efforts to prevent the spread of Ebola and other pandemics with the potential to cross borders. They include programs for youth in Central America and around the world that provide safety, education, and opportunities. Foreign aid builds a better world for all of us. There are too many lives at stake to pull back.

This rescission package sets a dangerous precedent. Congress is constitutionally obliged to make decisions regarding the U.S. budget, including foreign aid. By cutting billions in funds and programs that Congress has chosen, the White House is ignoring Congressional authority and bypassing traditional checks and balances over the foreign assistance budget.

Congress worked hard to decide how to spend valuable taxpayer dollars. The Administration should not be able to use gimmicks to unilaterally cancel funds. I urge you to call the White House and OMB immediately in order to register your concern and, if the proposal is transmitted to Congress, to vote quickly to overturn it.

Thank you,

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