Tell Congress: Support lifesaving humanitarian assistance
Tell Congress: Support lifesaving humanitarian assistance

Tell Congress: Support lifesaving humanitarian assistance

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The world has reached a historic, and horrifying, milestone: more people are displaced now than in any time in history. A shocking 65 million men, women and children are displaced from their homes. Tragically, much of this displacement is man-made, with 80% of displacements caused by conflict. You can do something to help though: Contact your member of Congress and request they support lifesaving humanitarian aid!

Global humanitarian needs are woefully underfunded. The annual humanitarian needs appeal from the United Nations requested $21.6 billion for 2016, yet three quarters of the way through the year, only 30% of the funding had been provided. Growing humanitarian needs in the Middle East require special attention as over 4 million Syrians have fled their country and conflict in Iraq continues to displace hundreds of thousands. Now is not the time for the international community to turn its back on the world’s most vulnerable people.

Please sign the petition below to encourage your member of Congress to support refugees and internally displaced people around the world.

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My Message

Dear Representative/Senator,

As a concerned constituent, I am writing to ask that in the FY 2017 appropriations process you increase humanitarian assistance so the US government can continue to support civilians fleeing conflicts and natural disasters. As war continues to blaze across Syria, Iraq, Yemen and South Sudan more and more people are fleeing their homes. The number has skyrocketed to a shocking 65 million people – the highest number in history.

The Global Appeal to address these massive humanitarian needs is dramatically underfunded – and halfway through 2016, only 30% of funds for lifesaving programs have been provided by the global community. The US Congress can show not only compassion for extremely vulnerable civilians, but also global leadership by providing desperately needed humanitarian assistance. Therefore, please support the following allocations in the FY 2017 appropriations process and support addition funds for targeted support for displaced civilians fleeing from war in the Middle East:

  • $2.8 billion, the House Appropriations Committee approved level for the Internationals Disaster Assistance Account to ensure that more internally displaced people – 40.8 million of the 65 million displaced globally – will receive lifesaving assistance.
  • The Senate Committee passed level of $1.6 billion for Food for Peace – the US government’s primary food assistance account – to ensure food assistance will not be cut to families in desperate need.
  • Maintain at least $3 billion for the Migration and Refugee Assistance Account – the House and Senate Committee approved level.

As my Representative/Senator I ask that you work to ensure that these accounts receive the above funding levels and that you support any additional efforts – including supplemental or emergency funding bills- to meet the growing needs of displaced people. Thank you for your consideration of this request for lifesaving assistance and your leadership on this important issue.


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