Tell Congress: No drastic cuts to foreign aid

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While countries are facing the threat of famine and refugees are fleeing their war-torn hometowns, the President’s proposed budget slashes relief by nearly 30% for those who need it most.

Add your name: tell Congress that any cuts to lifesaving foreign assistance are unacceptable.

Foreign aid not only saves millions of lives, it also helps to build a safer and more stable world for all of us. And it makes up only about 1% of the budget.

Congress will decide whether to cut foreign aid or show compassion for those in need. It’s up to them to decide whether America will continue to be a global humanitarian leader.

Your signature can help protect funding that is a lifeline for so many families at the very end of all hope. Urge your member of Congress to make a stand for foreign aid today.

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My Message

Dear Member of Congress,

As a constituent, I am writing to ask you to reject any cuts to the International Affairs budget. I ask you to fight for U.S. global leadership and robust foreign assistance funding that saves lives and creates the conditions for a safer, more prosperous world.

Any cuts to the International Affairs budget would fly in the face of American values and undermine our global leadership. Largely due to conflict, humanitarian need continues to rise and cuts to important accounts including the International Disaster Assistance, Migration and Refugee Assistance and Food for Peace/Title II mean that families will not get the lifesaving assistance that they desperately need.

Foreign assistance is a direct investment in global stability, conflict prevention and global prosperity. Across Africa, humanitarian assistance funded by the United States offers lifesaving support to those fleeing war, and development programs allow recipients to regain their independence and sustain themselves and their families with resilient livelihood opportunities. Economic Support Funds also contribute to de-radicalization by decreasing youth participation in political violence.

Business leaders, faith leaders and military commanders continue to speak out in support of foreign assistance. I urge you to heed their words and fight for levels of foreign assistance that keep pace with growing threats. These views matter. As a proud American, I want to echo these calls and ask you to reject any cuts to the International Affairs budget.


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