ACT NOW: Stand up for refugees

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Every refugee deserves to be heard. Right now, more than 68.5 million people have been forced to flee their homes and face uncertain futures. In a world that often tells them they are unwelcome, we must do what’s right and stand up for refugees.

Urge Congress to take a stand for refugees.

More people than ever before are displaced from their homes — forced to flee because of ongoing conflict or persecution. They need our help to survive and rebuild their lives. We must do everything we can to protect refugees at home and abroad.

Your signature shows we value every refugee and support their right to live in safety and peace. U.S. leadership on refugee issues can help ensure that lifesaving aid continues to be provided to those in need and that displaced children and families are protected around the world.

We must stand up for our values and fight for refugees. The lives of millions depend on it.

You can help — add your name today and tell Congress to stand up for refugees.

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My Message

Dear Member of Congress,

As your constituent, I ask you to support refugees through actions and programs that demonstrate U.S. values and global leadership. Conflicts around the world continue to drive families from their homes, often across borders and into new countries where they must wait to return home or try and start a new life. Around the world, we hear great stories of resilience from refugees -- women, men and children who have suffered greatly and yet continue to work towards making the world a better, more peaceful, and more prosperous place for all.

The United States has a long legacy of supporting refugees, both at home and abroad. The displacement crisis we face today is one of the most urgent and most difficult crises we have ever faced -- over 68 million people around the world have been forced to flee their homes. To end this suffering will require great leadership and resolve. But, we have demonstrated this leadership and resolve in the past.

I ask you — as my elected representative — to do your part and support refugees both at home and abroad.


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