Danielle Janssen's campaign for the Syria crisis

September 7, 2015


Gold Coast, QLD
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Message from Danielle Janssen

Imagine seeing your home crumble down and your family being killed, fearing for your life every step you take as you walk the long and treacherous path to flee the very country you once called home. Looking back knowing you're leaving behind everything you know and love. Once you finally make it into another country you're left without anything you once had and now all you can think about is where your future lies.

That is what is happening to millions of Syrian's right now. Now it is our turn to lend a helping hand to help these Syrian's have the basic necessities we ourselves take for granted. What I am asking is that we come together and all do our part to supply these people in need with supplies such as water, food, schools, shelters and to rebuild these people's lives.

With our help, Mercy Corps can distribute food & supplies, building new wells and water distribution systems, providing activities and counseling to help children feel safe again, and helping to prevent conflict over limited resources. Mercy Corps have been assisting families in camps and host communities in neighboring countries since August 2012. And they won't be leaving nor will we stop helping till all these families have homes again.

Every dollar we contribute makes a powerful difference in the lives of these courageous people. Now, and for the future.

• $10 will provide a month's supply of clean water
• $15 will provide three blankets
• $42 will provide a welcome kit with mattress and bedding
• $70 will enroll a child in our Comfort for Kids program
• $100 will provide a school uniform and books

Please join me and lets help these people get back their lives.

Thank you!
With warm regards, Danielle Janssen.