Hiwote's #LongWayFromHome Campaign - Support Syrian Refugees

June 23, 2016


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Message from Hiwote Getaneh

Imagine leaving your home with only the clothes on you wore today, fearing for your life and heading to the closest border. You have no idea where you will live or what you will eat. Seriously, imagine how hard that is.

That's the reality for millions of Syrians, half of them under 18, who are fleeing the violent civil war in their country. They need our help to get through the worst humanitarian crisis of our time.

With our help, Mercy Corps is distributing food & supplies, building new wells and water distribution systems, providing activities and counseling to help children feel safe again, and helping to prevent conflict over limited resources. They have been assisting families in camps and host communities in neighboring countries since August 2012. And they'll be there until families can return to their homes.

Every dollar we contribute makes a powerful difference in the lives of these courageous people. Now, and for the future. I hope you'll join me in support of this important work.

· $11 can provide a family of 6 with a month’s supply of bread
· $18 can provide one double size winter blanket to protect from the bitter cold
· $40 can buy a ceramic water filter for a family of five
· $60 can provide a kit for participating in skills training at a Mercy Corps Youth Center
· $113 can provide a playground for 50 refugee children in Al-Azraq camp

Together, we can help families survive this terrible crisis. Please join me in supporting those who need our help right now.

Thank you so much,
Hiwote Getaneh