The Fresh Loaf Fall Fundraiser

October 21, 2009


Portland, OR
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Message from Floyd Mann

No one should have to wonder how they are going to get their daily bread.

Mercy Corps works to help people build secure, productive and just communities by alleviating suffering, poverty and oppression. Improving food security, nutrition, and agricultural practices are just a few of the ways we do that.

Members of The Fresh Loaf online baking community can show their support for Mercy Corps' programs throughout the world by making a donation through this page.

October 25 Update: We blew through our original $1,000 goal in less than 72 hours. I am bumping the goal up to $2,500. Let's see how long it takes us to get there!

November 2 Update: We hit our $2,500 goal in another week. Thank you to everyone who showed your support!

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