Helping Syrian Refugees in Jordan

May 20, 2013

Catherine Ashcroft

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Message from Catherine Ashcroft

Helping Refugees in Jordan has been assisting Syrian refugees in Jordan since November 2011 by collecting and sorting tonnes of second-hand donations and buying essentials. On November 2012, Mercy Corps offered support with trucking and direct links to reputable local charities. This means that 100% of all donations Catherine Ashcroft and her team receives is spent on essential supplies for the refugees and Jordanians in need! Not one penny or cent is ever spent on admin or running costs. HRJ has nearly 150 volunteers already living in Amman who come from all over the world, including the UK, America, Czech Republic, Canada, Germany, France, Holland, Australia, Argentina, as well as many from Jordan and Syria. HRJ works closely with Mercy Corps and local and international charities and, funds permitting, is able to respond quickly to needs highlighted by these agencies. HRJ has excellent working relationships with vendors ensuring best prices whilst maintaining quality and regularly buy things such as baby and kids clothes, shoes, toys, blankets, kitchen supplies, milk powder, hygiene items, wheelchairs, pre-fabricated houses and other essentials.

Other HRJ projects includes running children's activity days, supporting schools and education centres, supplying equipment for people with special needs, setting up small libraries and supporting small grassroots organisations. We are proud to host several short term volunteers who come to Jordan with funds they have raised to support the refugees in need. The program includes visiting distribution centres and individual families, buying essential supplies, enjoying Syrian food and taking part in a children's day- giving could not be more direct!
Just $20 will buy a school bag filled with all the books and pens needed to send a child to school for a year. $13 will buy a thick blanket for the winter months, $30 will provide a kitchen set so a family can cook, $25 will buy a gas cooking stove, a wheelchair costs $75, or sponsor an individual family for $100 or more a month.

Additional donations
Kirstine Lopez - $50. "In Memory of Anne"
Jackie Sofia - $25 - "In Memory of Anne"
Amanda Roth - $20 - "In Honor of Anne"
Andrea Lawrence - $15
Dagmar Christofova - $100
Ann Neuhierl - $75