Our Partnership with Pax World

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    Cassandra Nelson/Mercy Corps  </span>
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For more than 20 years, Mercy Corps and Pax World have teamed up to bring help and hope to some of the world's poorest families. Today, Pax World Funds shareholders can support this lifesaving work by designating a percentage of their dividends and/or capital gains earnings to Mercy Corps through the Pax World Global Citizen Program.

Contributing to Mercy Corps through your Pax World portfolio is an easy, effective and efficient way to put your investment to work to help struggling families lift themselves out of poverty. Investors can be confident that Mercy Corps will be a responsible steward of their generous donations; over the last five years, more than 88 percent of resources have been directly allocated to programs.

You can find out more about the Pax World Global Citizen Program by downloading this form or calling us toll-free at (888) 842-0842.


In 1971, humanitarians Luther Tyson and Jack Corbett created the original Pax World Fund so that socially conscious investors could realize both sound financial returns and a positive social impact.

In 1986, Pax World began a partnership with Mercy Corps to bring help and hope to some of the world’s poorest families. The relationship began when the two organizations collaborated to set up health care systems for impoverished Honduran villages. In 1998, Pax World became formally affiliated with Mercy Corps to support the critical work of economic development, international reconciliation and peace building.

Over the past decade, Pax World investors’ donations have supported humanitarian relief and sustainable development programs around the globe – from responding quickly and effectively to emergencies, to supporting microfinance projects and other long-term, solutions that help people build better, more secure futures. As of July 2008, Pax World investors had contributed more than $1 million to Mercy Corps by designating a portion of their dividends or capital gains earnings through Pax World’s Global Citizen Program.

Today, with the support of Pax World investors, Mercy Corps is helping more than 16 million people in 40 countries – from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe - turn present crises into opportunities for a stronger future.

How to help

Pax World Funds shareholders have an opportunity to put their investments to work for long-term change by designating a percentage of their dividends and/or capital gains as contributions to Mercy Corps through the Pax World Global Citizen Program.

Here’s how the program works: when dividends or capital gains are earned, the percentage you designate is calculated automatically and forwarded to Mercy Corps on your behalf. Contributions to Mercy Corps are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. Pax World Global Citizen Program participants will receive an annual statement detailing contributions, as well as Mercy Corps’ quarterly newsletter, so that they can stay informed about the work their gifts are helping to make possible.

To learn more about supporting Mercy Corps’ lifesaving work through the Pax World Global Citizen Program, please download this form or contact us by telephone toll-free at (888) 842-0842. You can also write to request information at this address:

Mercy Corps
45 SW Ankeny St
Portland, Oregon 97204

Thank you for supporting Mercy Corps’ work to turn the crises of disasters, conflicts, poverty, and instability into opportunities for lasting, peaceful change.


PDF icon Pax Global Citizen Program Form (PDF)