Office in a Box

Developed and tested in the field by experienced Mercy Corps staff, the Office in a Box offers a complete package of tools and best practices for the start-up and management of field office operations systems in the humanitarian aid community. By using the Office in a Box, Mercy Corps has greatly improved its efficiency, increased program impact and become a better steward of donor funds. Mercy Corps hopes to spread the benefits of the Office in a Box to partner organizations and humanitarian professionals by sharing free of cost, under Creative Commons CC0.

The Office in a Box is designed to be used during emergencies, the start-up of new field offices and to strengthen operations management in existing field offices. It contains:

1) tools and document templates crucial to operations management during emergency response, program startup, and long-term development programs.

2) office set-up checklists, best practice guidelines and manuals for using the above tools as an auditable system.

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