About Mercy Corps Netherlands

Mercy Corps Netherlands was established as a non-profit association on 19 December 2017. It is an independent legal entity with its own constitution as an Association registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam (RSIN: 8582.69.235).

The organisation operates in collaboration with its sister agencies, Mercy Corps Global and Mercy Corps Europe, sharing the same mission, vision, core values, and charitable objects, as well as operational resources for the implementation of program activities, but maintains an independent governance structure and decision-making in relation to those programs for which it is directly responsible.

The Management Board

Scott Brown
Board Chair

Carin Beumer
Board Director

Iman Dakhil
Board Director

Kito de Boer
Board Director

Gisel Kordestani
Board Director

Pepijn van Dijk
Board Director

Contact Details

Mercy Corps Netherlands
The Hague Humanity Hub,
Fluwelen Burgwal 58,
2511 CJ Den Haag

Email Address: mcn-info@mercycorps.org


No remuneration can be granted to the Management Board members. Expenses will be reimbursed to the Management Board members on production of the necessary supporting documentation.

Staff members employed by Mercy Corps Netherlands to perform duties in the Netherlands office and for the implementation of program activities will be compensated according to a salary scale to be developed for this office and managed in line with the Dutch Labour Law and the Mercy Corps internal personnel policies and procedures.

A compensation package – competitive pay and comprehensive benefits – will be designed to both attract and retain high-calibre, diverse, high-performing individuals at all levels. We believe in the power of the individual to create their own future and we believe that both team members and beneficiaries alike have the possibility to shape the organisation. We want our team members to embrace interesting opportunities, feel empowered to make decisions, generate new ideas, tackle challenging problems and pursue valuable solutions. Every position at Mercy Corps is essential to our success and we want our team members to feel valued for the work they do. We will evaluate the external market and internal organisation context on a regular basis to ensure that our compensation packages are equitable and in line with our targeted colleague agencies and other comparator organisations.

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