FAQs for Personal Fundraising Pages

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Don't see your question answered here? Email accounthelp@mercycorps.org.

Q. I made a donation before I set up my own fundraising page. Can I include that in the total?

A. Yes. If you go to your fundraising page and click the "Edit" tab, you'll see there is a field labeled "Additional Amount." Enter the amount you want to adjust the total by there and click the "Save" button. The additional amount will be reflected in the total shown on your fundraising page.

Q. My friend made a gift through PayPal and it isn't showing up on my giving page. Why not?

A. We have not yet integrated PayPal, Google Checkout, or Amazon Payments in the fundraising pages. You can update your total to reflect the additional amount they donated using the same technique as in the previous answer.

Q. Why isn't the total updating? A friend of mine said she gave 20 minutes ago and I don't see it reflected in the total.

A. We're dealing with an overwhelming amount of traffic on our site right now so we are caching some of the pages. That means you may not see the totals update on your page for up to an hour after they are made. We'd like to update them more quickly, but we simply don't have the capacity to do so right now. But don't worry -- it will be credited to your page!

Q: Can I set up a fundraising page to raise funds for an organization or individual other than Mercy Corps, or for a partnership with Mercy Corps?

A. No. Any language you add to your personal fundraising page must accurately represent that donations will go to Mercy Corps for the purposes reflected in the Mercy Corps fund name, and not to any other individual group or for any other purpose.

Q: What information about individual donors gets released to the organizer of a personal fundraising page?

A. The organizer of a personal fundraising page will receive a copy of the email receipt. In that receipt they will receive the individual donor's first name, email address, and donation amount. They will not receive billing address, any billing information, or last name.

Q: I'm holding an event and will be collecting donations in person. How do I turn those in to Mercy Corps?

If you hold an event or collect donations, please send the donations to Minda Seibert's attention to: Mercy Corps, Attn: Minda Seibert, 45 SW Ankeny St., Portland, OR 97204. Please include information on the event and name and address of the organizer(s) and the name of your fundraising page. If it is a public event, we can post the event on our website at mercycorps.org/events. If you have specific questions about this, please email her at mseibert@mercycorps.org.

Q: My event is open to the public. Can you help me advertise it?

Yes. We can put your event on the Events page of our website. Just email mseibert@mercycorps.org with the details.

Q: Where can I go for ideas for hosting a successful event?

Visit our "How to" page for stories of how others have hosted successful fundraisers in schools, places of worship, businesses and their communities.