Emergency Response Exhibit at The Mercy Corps Action Center

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May 19th — December 31st

When catastrophe strikes – whether earthquake or tsunami, violent conflict or economic collapse – Mercy Corps responds quickly to provide survivors with the supplies and resources they need in order to live, including food, water, shelter and protection for the most vulnerable.

As soon as survivors’ most urgent needs are met, we help people resume their daily lives, earn income and support their families. We provide materials to rebuild homes and shelters and tools and seeds to help farmers replant their fields. Small loans help shopkeepers reopen their businesses. It’s essential to rebuild schools so children can resume their education. And it’s vital to anticipate what’s ahead – and help people increase their resilience to future shocks and setbacks. Our projects improve access to clean water and sanitation, train communities in disaster response and build flood and erosion controls.

Come visit our new interactive exhibit where you can explore exactly how Mercy Corps responds in emergency situations.

On view at the Mercy Corps Action Center from May 19th - Sept 1st. (Address and hours on the sidebar!)