An Emergency Mini Go Bag, a Merit Badge and Happy Hour

December 4, 2019 // 5:30 - 7:00 p.m.

By now we know the climate crisis affects us all and preparedness is the new normal. Mercy Corps is committed to helping those communities here and around the world who are most likely to suffer the most from climate change. Our programs increase access to clean energy, manage limited water supplies, and enable farmers to better gauge weather patterns and protect their land. Locally we work with underserved communities to be prepared for emergencies at home and in their workplace.

In this event you’ll learn about both — you'll hear stories about Mercy Corps’ climate change work, receive a brief preparedness refresher course, and discover how we prepare underserved communities in the Portland Metro area.

So join us December 4 to get a jump start on your disaster preparedness kit for your commute including a mini go bag and a family communications plan. It’s not hard, it’s truly satisfying in a “got that done” kind of way and we’re certain it releases endorphins. You will walk away with tools to better prepare for any emergency, and a really cool preparedness merit badge. Snacks and drinks included.

Be prepared, not scared! RSVP here.