Chapter 8: Fight Ebola with Mercy Corps

A child washes hands at a hygiene station in a displacement camp on the outskirts of Goma, DRC. In 2015, when this photo was taken, about 5,000 people lived in the camp because of ongoing violence and political instability in eastern Congo. PHOTO: Corinna Robbins/Mercy Corps

An Ebola outbreak has a lasting impact on the countries where it strikes. It takes the work of dedicated individuals to slow the transmission of the virus, secure the supplies they need and educate communities about the disease. At Mercy Corps, we have the courage and strength to face Ebola and all the challenges it brings as we work together. We also have supporters like you, who make sure that we can reach more people with the aid they need to build stronger lives.

Our work has shown us that human beings are incredibly resilient. Our team of humanitarians, who help communities in over 40 countries, has seen resilience triumph over adversity time and time again. We know that together we can build strength and stability in communities weakened by Ebola, and we can empower people to survive despite any setbacks.

With your help, we can do even more to help families affected by Ebola.

Here are ways you can get involved:

  • Donate today. Your support is critical for ensuring that we can continue our work to fight Ebola.
  • Sign a petition. In President Trump's budget request for FY20, he proposes a drastic cut to foreign aid. We must urge Congress to reject these cuts and speak up for the power of foreign aid.
  • Share this. Spread the word on social media about the ongoing Ebola crisis in DRC. The more people who know about this disease, the more we can shine a light on the ways to fix it.