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  • Photo: Cassandra Nelson/Mercy Corps

Our strategy

Support Syrian families who’ve been displaced by ongoing conflict. Meet immediate needs for food, water and shelter while focusing especially on the longer-term emotional and developmental needs of traumatized children and adolescents.

The context

Syria's prolonged and increasingly violent civil war has been raging for nearly six years. The fighting has killed a reported 470,000 people and driven 11.1 million people from their homes, creating a desperate humanitarian crisis inside the country and throughout the region.

Not only are basic resources like water and shelter scarce, millions of children have been uprooted from school and any sense of stability. Their future is in question, and the massive displacement is destabilizing the entire region.

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Our work

  • Emergency response: Meeting the urgent needs of 2.5 million people both inside Syria and in neighboring countries. Distributing emergency food and supplies, increasing access to clean water and sanitation, improving shelters, and creating safe spaces and activities to help children heal from trauma.

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