While we no longer have operations in the Philippines, we carefully evaluate every emergency and assess where we can add value.

We launched a large-scale response to devastating Typhoon Haiyan in 2013, which killed more than 6,000 people, destroyed or damaged 1 million homes and displaced more than 4 million people in the Philippines. Following Haiyan, we provided emergency supplies to 18,000 people and repaired and improved water and sanitation services for 5,000 people living on remote islands. We also partnered with BanKO, a mobile savings bank, to make electronic cash transfers so that people could buy what they needed most to recover. For many Filipinos, this was their first banking experience, and we provided mobile cash transfers and financial education to more than 25,000 families.

We were present in the Philippines to implement a 18-month response and recovery program following Typhoon Haiyan. Because we focused on helping people’s financial recovery, we worked closely with financial institutions established in the Philippines that could continue long-term recovery without Mercy Corps’ assistance and permanent presence in the country.

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