The context

UPDATE: Monitoring Super Typhoon Mangkhut

Following Typhoon Mangkhut, we are mobilizing in the Philippines to evaluate the current situation so we can make critical decisions about the potential for a response. According to news reports, the typhoon has killed more than 60 people and dozens more are still missing. The full scope of damage is still unknown, as affected areas are still difficult to reach due to landslides, but extensive crop damage is reported. While Mercy Corps no longer has operations in the Philippines, we carefully evaluate every emergency and where we can add value. We stand ready to respond if the Government of the Philippines requests our assistance or if there are critical gaps in recovery efforts that we are well-positioned to fill.

Our work

  • Emergency response: Rushed lifesaving food, critical supplies and support to isolated islands in the immediate aftermath of the Typhoon Haiyan.
  • Recovery and rehabilitation: Provided mobile cash transfers to help families buy food and materials to rebuild.
  • Water: Repaired damaged water sources and improved sanitation resources in remote villages and at schools and daycares.
  • Economic opportunity: Helped local microfinance institutions reach previously unserved populations through new mobile technologies.