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  • Photo: Norman Ng for Mercy Corps

The context

While China’s growing economy has created new opportunities for many, the widening gap between rich and poor has created new social and economic challenges, specifically for vulnerable people in rural areas and migrant youth in urban areas. Access to stable livelihoods and adequate services remains a serious challenge.

Addressing social disparities is now a high priority. China is prone to disasters and has frequent earthquakes, landslides, droughts, and floods. The impacts of climate change are increasing the severity of these hazards. Chinese civil society has the desire to create improved social services, but lacks capacity to meet the needs of the population.

Our work

  • Children & Youth: Improving psychosocial well-being and resilience of vulnerable children in rural areas and fostering a supporting system within communities. Improving life skills and entrepreneurship to prepare youth for the job market.
  • Disaster preparedness: Helping local governments, civil society organizations and communities prepare for natural disasters while improving local livelihoods. Building and improving the capacity of children and their communities in disaster risk management.
  • Agriculture & Food: Working with farmers to improve their knowledge and skills, connecting them with markets and introducing them to e-commerce.
  • Economic opportunity: Strengthening financial literacy and access to financial services for rural farming families, especially youth and women.

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