Cause marketing

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Mercy Corps' cause marketing partnerships create impact for your company, your customers and the millions of people we serve each year. Together we can create a program to enhance your brand, meet your business goals, build customer loyalty, and support Mercy Corps' mission.

From our Halo Award-winning campaign to fight hunger in the Horn of Africa with Warner Bros to our emergency response campaigns with Hyatt Hotels, REI and TripAdvisor, we created innovative programs to engage customers and communities.

Opportunities include:

Donate a percent of sales: Drive sales, consumer engagement and brand loyalty by donating to Mercy Corps every time a product or service is sold.

Donation at checkout: Give your customers the opportunity to add a dollar at checkout online or in stores, pin up a “thank you” each time a customer gives or collect funds as a part of your customers’ purchase experience.

Fundraise for us: Build community and brand loyalty by inviting your employees and customers to come together and raise funds for Mercy Corps.

Case Study: TripAdvisor Charitable Foundation

Background: The war in Syria and broader European refugee crisis have created a humanitarian crisis unprecedented since World War II. As Mercy Corps responds to the evolving needs in Syria, neighboring countries, and the region, we have looked to our corporate partners to not only make their own financial contributions, but to rally their audiences for the cause.

Project: In 2015, the TripAdvisor Charitable Foundation contributed $125,000 to Mercy Corps for refugee crisis relief and agreed to match their traveler community’s donations to Mercy Corps and one other international charity, allocating up to $375,000 in total for these matching grants. TripAdvisor Charitable Foundation reached out to millions of people in its global traveler community urging them to make a donation. In 2016, the partnership grew with a $1 million grant, including matching gift support for another fundraiser. This giving campaign was launched in 2017 and raised more than $150,000 for Mercy Corps’ refugee programs.

Impact: Mercy Corps’ refugee response benefited from TripAdvisor Charitable Foundation’s generosity and the engagement from its entire community. Together we created an opportunity to unite TripAdvisor Charitable Foundation’s audiences towards a common cause, maximizing the company’s philanthropic investment and empowering their travelers to feel good about being a part of the TripAdvisor Charitable Foundation traveler community.

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