Pair with Purpose: Partnering with KEEN for the holidays

November 9, 2017

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  • Yasmin, 21, is a facilitator at a Makani Center (a youth safe space) in Azraq refugee camp in Jordan. She, her husband and their infant son escaped from Syria after a their house in Daraa was bombed. She says working at the center has helped relieve her depression after a prolonged and difficult journey from Syria. PHOTO: Sean Sheridan for Mercy Corps

Editor's note: This article was originally published November 9, 2017; it was updated December 27, 2017 to reflect the latest information.

This holiday season, millions of families in places like Yemen, Syria and South Sudan are displaced by war and conflict; communities in Mexico, Puerto Rico and Colombia are rebuilding after natural disasters; and young people in Jordan and Kenya are looking for jobs and a path towards a brighter future. Together, Mercy Corps and adventure footwear company KEEN are teaming up to do something about it.

From November 20 to December 24, KEEN gave five dollars of every shoe sold on its website to support Mercy Corps’ work around the world as part of their Pair with Purpose campaign. In total, this campaign raised $212,625 for Mercy Corps. The campaign featured stories about individuals who created lasting change in their communities with the help of Mercy Corps and its supporters.

Shoppers also had the chance to join the KEEN community by making their own donation to Mercy Corps, helping to provide lifesaving assistance to communities affected by conflict, displacement, natural disasters, climate change, and other emergencies.

“With all the recent calamity caused by hurricanes in the Atlantic, as well as long-standing crises in places like Niger and Syria, we feel this is the right time and the right place to make positive change,” says Mark Steinbuck, grants and community specialist at KEEN. “Especially over the holidays, we want to make sure we are putting our values into action by supporting vulnerable communities all over the world.

“Mercy Corps represents our best avenue for supporting global disaster and crisis resilience. In no small way, they have become a true partner KEEN can call on when we need the most ethical, efficient and professional solutions for engaging in global-scale philanthropy.”

Mercy Corps’ partnership with KEEN goes back nearly a decade. KEEN has helped Mercy Corps respond to many major natural disasters, including the catastrophic 2010 earthquake in Haiti, the Japan tsunami in 2011, and the devastating Nepal earthquake in 2015.

KEEN was also a founding member of Mercy Corps’ Disaster Response Corps, a select group of corporate partners committed to ongoing support of our global emergency response work — providing critical funds as Mercy Corps works to help people survive and get back on their feet.

Located just down the road from Mercy Corps’ global headquarters in Portland, KEEN has become a close corporate partner whose support has grown beyond donations. Whether sharing event spaces, speaking at each other’s events, or celebrating organizational milestones together, KEEN and Mercy Corps are committed to partnering together to build a better, stronger world.

“We're thrilled to be building on our long-standing partnership with KEEN this holiday season by collaborating on their Pair with Purpose campaign,” says Graham Craft, Mercy Corps’ interim chief development and marketing officer. “Through this effort, KEEN and their amazing customers are providing critical support to help people in 40 countries around the world survive through crisis, build better lives and transform their communities for good.”