Reading, finally

Ethiopia, January 22, 2011

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    Photo: Joni Kabana for Mercy Corps Photo: ethiopiawoman_jkabana_jan2011.jpg

They sit in the shade and practice writing for one hour each day, for five days a week. This is usually done in the morning, well before their daily chores begin. While they do this, their older children take care of the younger ones in order to support their mother's education.

Mercy Corps facilitates 14 of these learning groups in the Konso district in Ethiopia. The groups are still in a pilot phase, but each group we visited was clearly passionate about their learning, and the participants' enthusiastic thirst for more advanced topics was apparent.

Some of the women's children have been exposed to a bit of education. When asked about how the children feel about their mothers being educated on reading, writing and math, one woman, Korate Sagoya, was quick to answer: "My children asked me if I really was still in the first grade! They tell me: Be strong. You can do this."