American Beauty Release

Alexipharmic and Elephant Memories goal for the release of American Beauty is to raise $5,000 for Mercy Corps' ongoing relief efforts in the Congo.

Alexipharmic and Elephant Memories are incredibly honored to announce their charitable partnership with Mercy Corps!

How You Can Help

Every time you buy an album or piece of merchandise from Alexipharmic, 50% of the net profit - never less than $5 - goes straight to Mercy Corps' incredible community-led relief and development efforts. You will be directly helping countless women, children, and men all over the world live a healthy and productive life by listening to and supporting the music you love.

Support Good Music. Support Good Causes.

Our goal for the release of American Beauty is to raise $5,000 for Mercy Corps' ongoing relief efforts in the Congo. This will have an incredible impact on the lives of children directly impacted by the ongoing silent war that has plagued the Congo for over a decade, by providing food, sanitation, water, firewood, and more. Because of YOU, we are well on our way to $5,000. Check back each week to see an update on the progress and help spread the word. Together, we can help thousands live a life free of war, famine, and disease.

About Mercy Corps

Mercy Corps is currently providing life-changing support to millions all over the world, including humanitarian assistance to the victims of the ongoing war in the DR Congo — the deadliest conflict since WWII, to date taking more than 5.4 million lives. What's more, all of their work is done efficiently and effectively: 89% of their resources go straight to the people that need it, not into the pockets of CEO's and corporate executives. They have a long track record of amazing work. Alexipharmic and Elephant Memories are proud to partner with such an amazing charity.

About Mercy Corps in the Congo

Mercy Corps is providing clean, fresh water to approximately 100,000 people every day. We're building latrines and furnishing hand-washing stations to help prevent deadly diseases like cholera. And we're providing firewood and improved cookstoves that protect Congo's fragile environment while helping families meet their most basic needs. Our 60-person team reaches thousands of people each day with lifesaving assistance — and you can help them do more.,

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