Mercy Corps' Compass

Our Compass provides an overview of Mercy Corps’ vision, challenges and goals for our fiscal year. It presents our theory of change, explains the global challenges that drive our work and indicates our priority areas for the coming year.

We have named our core strategic documents our 'Compass' because we see them as the key tool to help us navigate around the complexities of today's world as we strive to meet our mission.

See Mercy Corps' CEO Neal Keny-Guyer talking to Mercy Corps’ HQ team members on what defines us as an agency and sets us apart from our peers:

Download a transcript of Neal's talk English | Spanish | Arabic | French

More reports on our programs can be found in the Research & Resources section of our website.

Download Mercy Corps’ Compass here (Strategic Framework, Global Context, Strategic Objectives).

For for information or questions, please contact Anna Young, Senior Director of Strategy and Learning.