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  • Photo: Cassandra Nelson/Mercy Corps


In the aftermath of a generation-long civil war that claimed thousands of lives and displaced millions more, Uganda is finally healing. But population growth is straining resources and services in a country that still has a long way to go.

With farmland not producing at capacity, food is in short supply and malnutrition is common. Good quality seeds are scarce in local markets, keeping yields low. Recurring climate shocks, including drought and flooding, have further reduced harvests.

Continuing inequalities in the distribution of income and the treatment of women have contributed to high poverty rates, poor health and disparities in education and opportunity.



Improve poverty and food insecurity using community-led and market-driven approaches in the country’s most vulnerable areas. Help rural farmers increase productivity and promote health and nutrition.

Lat / Lon

Latitude: 1.32
Longitude: 32

Program Details

  • Agriculture & Food: Training farmer groups in business skills to grow subsistence plots to small-scale commercial farming operations.
  • Economic development: Providing jobs building roads that link farms to markets.
  • Health: Promoting maternal-child health and nutrition programs, including village-level mother groups that encourage healthy behavior change.


  • Population (2014 est.): 35.9 million
  • UN Human Development Index rank: 164 (out of 187)
  • Mercy Corps has worked here since 2006


POLYGON ((34 4.22, 33.52 3.75, 30.86 3.49, 30.73 2.45, 31.3 2.12, 29.96 0.83, 29.6 -1.39, 30.48 -1.06, 31.68 -1, 33.92 -1, 33.91 0.1, 35.01 1.9, 34 4.22))

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