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South Sudan independence

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Celebrating South Sudan's Independence

South Sudan endured a generation of civil war and the displacement of millions of its people. Today, as it gains independence as the world's newest country, Mercy Corps is helping its families grow more crops, get job training, open new businesses and prepare for a peaceful, prosperous future.

When Cassandra Nelson first visited southern Sudan in 2005, she found no roads, no markets and little sense of unity. Last month, she returned to find a completely different place. Watch this video to see what's changed:

Some of the People We're Helping

Alfonse Pawil
20 years old

We're helping Alfonse gain valuable job skills.
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Achol Ngong Chan
Mother of five

We're helping Achol shelter her family.
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Mayol Dau
15 years old

We're helping Mayol build a thriving business.
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Photo Essay: On the Eve of Independence

Decades of fighting left South Sudan in tatters. Click here for images that illustrate how Mercy Corps is helping its people start over from scratch.

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