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Public Health

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Mercy Corps addresses all health issues with the same basic, effective, and outcome-oriented approaches. In all our work we involve a full range of players, including households, communities, health care facilities and local government, because the greater the participation the greater the success. We prioritize basic interventions that are cost-effective and that sustain after Mercy Corps leaves, so our work lives on long after we have left. Through use of a participatory model, the people we serve become co-implementers of projects, because we believe as stakeholders they have a fundamental right to involvement. Lastly, wherever possible, we integrate health programming into programming addressing other vital issues, forming symbiotic relationships between health and microfinance initiatives, for example, wherein multiple goals are forwarded within a single programming effort.

Mercy Corps believes that partnership is critical to achieving deep impact, sustainability, and amplifying reach. We collaborate with a diverse range of partner agencies and institutions at all levels of the public, private and civil society sectors to address the global challenges that drive our work. See the list to the right for a few of our current international partners.

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