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Private sector engagement tool kit

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A toolkit for effectively building and sustaining program partnerships with the private sector

Mercy Corps believes the private sector is one of the three key actors who contribute to our mission of building secure, productive and just communities. We engage the private sector in our work as program participants; as financial or material aid donors; and as program partners.

The Private Sector Engagement Toolkit — published in 2012 — is a resource for effectively building and sustaining program partnerships with the private sector. It outlines Mercy Corps’ strategy for engagement and profiles nine programs that successfully leveraged the services and expertise of a wide array of private sector partners in countries as diverse as Afghanistan, the Philippines, and Mongolia.


Private Sector Engagement Toolkit_ August 2012.pdf Tool 1 Business Sector Scan.pdf Tool 2 Firm Identification.pdf Tool 3 Business Enabling Environment Assessment.pdf Tool 4 Due Diligence Assessment.pdf Tool 5 Investigating Incentives.pdf Tool 6 Feasibility Assessment.pdf Tool 7 Stakeholder Analysis.pdf Tip Sheet 1 Strategic Guidelines.pdf Tip Sheet 2 10 Principles of Partnership.pdf Tip Sheet 3 How to Talk to Partners Businesses.pdf Tip Sheet 4 How to Engage Partners Businesses.pdf Tip Sheet 5 How to Engage Multi-National Corporations.pdf Tip Sheet 6 Building Connections with Private Sector.pdf Tip Sheet 7 Facilitation.pdf Tip Sheet 8 Reviewing Financial Info.pdf Tip Sheet 9 Understanding Business Plans.pdf Tip Sheet 10 Key Challenges.pdf Tip Sheet 11 Making Presentations.pdf Tip Sheet 12 Negotiation.pdf Tip Sheet 13 Smart Subsidies.pdf Tip Sheet 14 Understanding MoUs.pdf Tip Sheet 15 Communication about PSE Programs.pdf

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