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Conflict Management

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    Colin Spurway/Mercy Corps  </span>
    Photo: Colin Spurway/Mercy Corps

Mercy Corps works almost exclusively in high-risk conflict and post-conflict environments. We currently have programs in more than 40 countries; the vast majority of these (73 percent) fall into the category of fragile or critically weak states. In addition, more than 92 percent of the places where we work are considered to be at a high or moderately high risk of instability. While we recognize that these are difficult places to operate, we believe that transitional environments — countries affected by civil wars, economic and political crisis, or natural disasters — also offer tremendous opportunities for positive change.

Violent conflict takes a terrible toll on developing countries. It destroys infrastructure, disrupts trade, distorts markets and can reverse decades of development. Conflict-affected nations suffer severe refugee crises and population loss.

There are now around 26 million internally-displaced persons and more than 42 million refugees worldwide, most of whom are fleeing from violence. Generations of children have grown up believing that violence is the only way to find a job, to find meaning or to simply stay alive. These destabilizing elements combine to create ‘conflict traps’ that keep countries in cycles of violence for decades.

Helping people find ways to break the cycle of violence and promote peaceful change is at the heart of Mercy Corps’ mandate. We believe that — given the right tools, skills and support — people are eager to understand the complex tensions and challenges they face and to address them in a way that promotes both peace and development. We currently implement 34 peacebuilding programs in some of the world’s toughest places, including Iraq, Somalia, Sudan and Nepal.

Our current work builds on an exceptionally strong historical foundation. Since the late 1990s, Mercy Corps has implemented more than 95 peacebuilding programs in over 30 countries and regions, making Mercy Corps a true leader in the field.

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