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Refugees struggle with cold, hunger and uncertainty

Jordan, Syria, January 15, 2013

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Yuka Tachibana

World News on
January, 2013

HAMED ONE RECEPTION CENTER, Jordan -- Just after dark on a bitterly cold January night, a truck full of refugees arrived at a reception center on the border with Syria. Carrying their belongings in suitcases and plastic bags, about 50 men, women and children climbed out of a Jordanian military vehicle.

A little girl cried while clinging to an older sister. A frail elderly man had to be helped off the truck. One teenage boy arrived without a coat and wearing plastic sandals on his bare feet.

Each new arrival was registered by the Jordanian military, given a blanket, orange juice and a bottle of water. A clinic nearby treated the sick. More than 152 people crossed at this border point on Sunday, and more than 500 refugees entered the country in just 12 hours, the Jordanian army said.