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Mercy Corps to assess situation in Haiti

Haiti, January 19, 2010

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New England Cable News
January, 2010

(NECN) - Many volunteers are rushing down to Haiti to do whatever they can to help in the relief effort following Tuesday's devastating earthquake.

Jenny Vaughan, a Mercy Corps employee, was set to leave for Haiti on Thursday morning. She spoke with NECN Morning regarding what goes in to such a daunting task.

A list of ways you can aid in the relief effort

Vaughan said she would be going to Haiti to assess the damage and most crucial needs of the survivors.

"We'll be assessing the damage and looking to see how we might best respond both for immediate needs and then also looking to the medium to long term, which is one of the strengths of Mercy Corps" Vaughan said. "That might look like jumpstarting the local economy, thinking about offering psycho-social support to particularly children who have been victims of this earthquake and thinking about provision of water and sanitation."

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