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Haiti's slow recovery adds to risks, aid officials in Northwest say

Haiti, July 12, 2010

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Hal Bernton

The Seattle Times
July, 2010

On Monday, the six-month anniversary of a catastrophic earthquake in Haiti, Northwest aid officials report a slow and difficult recovery in the island nation

In January, when a catastrophic earthquake hit Haiti and destroyed much of the island's national capital city, Northwest-based aid agencies were in the forefront of a massive international relief and reconstruction effort.

...Mercy Corps also has been trying to support a Haitian government effort to help spread out more of the population to areas outside of Port-au-Prince. Many earthquake survivors migrated to the central plateau area north of the capital city, and Mercy Corps has been offering cash grants to help families in that region who are hosting earthquake survivors who fled Port-au-Prince. Over the longer term, Mercy Corps wants to bolster the economy in that region to better support all the new arrivals...