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AP: Mercy Corps Says ‘Prevention is Power' Over AIDS

United States, December 1, 2006

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Associated Press
December, 2006

On World AIDS Day, Mercy Corps calls attention to HIV/AIDS issues.

(AP) - As the world commemorates World AIDS Day, Portland-based Mercy Corps reminds the public that "prevention is power."

The organization is calling attention to the staggering lack of access to prevention methods in developing countries.

Mercy Corps Senior Program Officer for H-I-V/AIDS is Jessica Quarles.
She says they have come a long way in 25 years in the fight. But, Quarles says, too many people most at risk of contracting the virus lack the basic tools necessary to prevent HIV/AIDS."

More than eleven-thousand people still contract the virus each day.

Worldwide, fewer than one in eight people at high risk can find a nearby clinic offering HIV testing and counseling -- and fewer than one in ten people at high risk have access to condoms.