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Yan Yan's fundraising campaign for Families in Need

December 21, 2012

Yan Yan

Beaverton, Oregon
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Message from Marianne Cortez

It's Christmas time! It's my birthday too on Christmas day!

Will you grant my simple Christmas and Birthday wish? I am trying to raise funds for families in need all around the world. I am not asking for too much, but I wanted to raise atleast $1,000. Mercy Corps will directly support me in helping those families in need!

Your support will help millions of hard-working people who seek to rebuild their lives and homes while also resurrecting their communities. Your donation helps open schools, start small businesses and establish peace in communities scarred by conflict. Mercy Corps works directly with communities to learn their most urgent needs, then collaborate with them on long-term solutions to their biggest challenges. By working together with families and local partners, you can help bring about lasting change — change that helps communities emerge from turmoil and turn crisis into opportunity.

Don't send me a gift! Just donate!

Thanks a lot!

Best wishes.