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Readers to the Rescue -- A Response to the Haitian Disaster Fundraiser

January 15, 2010


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Some of you may remember William of Orange (painted by my friend, Olga, 2002). Sir William clearly adored books. I am appealing to bookclubs everywhere to help help raise money for Mercy Corps' response to the Haiti Earthquake.

A 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck near Haiti's capital of Port-au-Prince Tuesday afternoon, collapsing buildings, including at least one hospital. Tens of thousands are feared dead in the largest quake to strike the impoverished Caribbean nation in 200 years. Power is out, telecommunications are spotty and food and water are reportedly growing scarce. The children wander in a terrible silence of agony, their silent cry far louder than the screaming earth. Let's join hands, bookclub-to bookclub, on and on across the universe. Make John Lennon proud.

And let's use our pets, too, as a means of connecting with friends around the globe. They, too, can send out their appeals in the lovely language known only to themselves and to the children like those in Haiti, who, now, cannot speak out but whom we can hear, softly and clearly, if we be the kind of readers of compassion and attention that we aspire to be. Let's pitch in. And more: each of you reach out to another bookclub or ask your pet to reach out to another friend and let's make this a Reader's Response to make Shakespeare his very self smile in the Heavens stretching above those desperate places. Please help. Maggie adds her post scriptum, "Me'ow!" Now.

The first members of a Mercy Corps emergency response team are en route to help survivors. Follow the latest updates at

Thank you! With appreciation and comaraderie, Debby