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TheGarfoose's fundraising page for Help Survivors of Japan's Earthquake

March 12, 2011


Hudson, OH
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Message from Dirk Hayhurst

Hello Garfooslings!

A devastating tsunami spawned by the strongest earthquake to ever strike Japan has killed hundreds and displaced tens of thousands. Hundreds more are missing. Mercy Corps is accepting donations to help survivors of Japan's earthquake and tsunami through its longstanding partner, Peace Winds Japan.

Your donation will be used to meet immediate and longer-term needs of earthquake survivors.

***From Mr. Garfoose***

I'm an athlete, for the time being, and as long as I am one I will use my platform for as much positive impact as I can. I'll never tell you you MUST donate to a cause I champion, but I will do my best to encourage you toward things I think will help those in need or at disadvantage. And I'll use any means I can to "help" you do so. So, if you if make a donation of $50 or greater, save the confirmation screen shot, then email it to me along with your phone number, I'll call you via Skype and thank you personally— and yes, we can talk about Godizlla and Baseball, if you want.

Even if you donate at another site of your choosing, my offer stands: confirmation screen shot, phone number= happy time chat. I'll run this phone call option for the next 48 hours. Donate between now and then, and we'll chat. If it goes really well, I'll extend it.

Thanks for listening, caring, and acting.

Thank you!