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Team Daadab's fundraising page for Horn of Africa Hunger Crisis

August 11, 2011

Team Daadab

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Message from Legal Access Plans, LLC

Please help me and my co-workers at Legal Access Plans in our effort to raise funds benefiting the unfolding humanitarian crisis in the Horn of Africa.

We have all seen the news broadcasts, the newspapers, the Tweets, and Facebook pages everyday showing pictures of dying children and desperate mothers. Despite watching these haunting images day in and day out, many of us sit aside and wait for someone else to get involved. Our lack of action, however, is not because we do not want to help. In fact many of us DO want to help, we just don’t know where to start.

It is this very reason that has motivated me and the employees of Legal Access Plans to find an easy way for our friends and family to donate to this urgent cause. We must do what we can to save an innocent child who is days away from death, and to give a loving mother the chance to fight for her own life.

Please share this link with as many people as you can, for they may be in the same shoes as you were in- wanting to help but not knowing where to start. Even the smallest donation makes a difference: $6 will provide 4 rations of life saving food to a child whose last breath is near. Can you compare the price of a cup of coffee or a beer to saving a life?

I kindly appeal to the humanity in you, your friends, and family members – please help us save our neighbors across the world.

Thank you.