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TCRHA's fundraising to Help Survivors of Japan's massive Earthquake

March 15, 2011


Raleigh, NC
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Message from The Compass Rose Healing Arts

As the Japanese people suffer through their worst crisis in modern memory, Mercy Corps regional partner, Peace Winds, is rushing to deliver life-saving supplies to the devastated area.

Please consider supporting disaster relief efforts by making a donation in any amount you feel is appropriate. For those who make a $50 donation or more on the Mercy Corps TCRHA fundraising page, I am offering 20 minutes of a COMPLIMENTARY Cosmetic Laser Therapy Treatment throughout the month of April 2011. Once you make your online donation email me your appointment request.

Your donation will be used to meet both immediate and longer-term needs of Japan's earthquake survivors.

Thank you!
Namaste~ Kimberley