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Superfeet Worldwide Inc.'s fundraising page for Help Survivors of Japan's Earthquake

March 14, 2011

Superfeet Worldwide Inc.

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Message from Superfeet Worldwide Inc.

Dear Superfeet Team and Associates,
I’m sure we have all been shocked and sadden by the devastation that has come to Japan. It is time again to ask, “What is the right thing to do?”
While the right thing may not be clear in its entirety, what is clear, with thousands dead and thousands more missing, is that doing nothing is not acceptable. So now is the time to turn our shock into action, and help in the best way we can.
If you have already given, or plan to give, through an organization you have a track record with, we certainly encourage you to do that.
Superfeet Worldwide’s plan is as follows: We will match, dollar-for-dollar, any donation you give through the Mercy Corps link below. We will also match donations given by non-employee family and friends that wish to contribute through the link. Employees that do not wish to donate through the website but would rather donate through payroll just need to see HR. Those donations will be matched dollar-for-dollar as well. Donations will come out of the 4/6/2011 payroll.
Mercy Corps is a very solid organization, based in Portland, which we have supported in the past. At this time, they are working with an associated organization called Peace Wind. Peace Wind is headquartered in Japan and is already fully engaged in bringing aid to their citizens. Our donation will be put to work very quickly and efficiently.
Venders and Business Associates: We ask you to join in supporting our efforts to send aid. If you chose to help, we will match any donation, up to $2000, that you make through the link below.
Please click on the link if you wish to make a donation through Mercy Corps.

Thank You and May God bless every dollar.