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Shruti Institute for Vedic Art's Haiti Response Fundraiser

January 17, 2010


Boulder, Colorado
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Message from Shruti Inc

As international relief efforts continue in Haiti, we are supporting a Mercy Corps earthquake response team that is in Port-au-Prince responding to urgent needs.

Please join us in donating to this effort to alleviate the pain & suffering of our fellow beings during this unfortunate time for Haiti. Your donation will help families in Haiti recover from the most powerful quake to hit the country in more than 200 years.

Mercy Corps relief workers with experience in disaster responses ranging from Hurricane Katrina to the Myanmar cyclone are converging on Haiti from Africa, Asia, and North America. When Jeff lived in Portland, Oregon (where Mercy Corps is headquartered) in the 1990's he often met these professional care givers on his frequent flights out of Portland as they headed out to all parts of the world to help those touched by tradgedy. They touched him deeply with their selfless effort on every front to come to the aid of all people no matter what or where tragedy had struck. He vowed then to support their efforts whenver possible. Now we are asking you to join us in this support.

They're focusing first on the immediate needs of the Haitians who have survived -- for water, food, temporary shelter supplies and much more -- and they are expanding their work to three areas: clean water, post-trauma support for children and job creation.

The needs in Haiti are immense. Its capital lies in ruins, as many as 200,000 may be dead, and survivors are increasingly desperate for food, clean water and shelter. Please give what you can to help families recover. Everything helps no matter how much you can give - it all makes a difference. Imagine what their life is like at this moment and please respond from the depth of your hearts.

This past Friday evening around 20 people joined together with us at our center in Broomfield for the purpose of conducting a Lakshmi Puja. At that time we offered up the intentions and requests for support that poured in for all our students and supporters who are also in need at this time. From the donations that were collected for that evening we donated all the proceeds to support Mercy Corps' efforts in Haiti on everyone's behalf.

We will continue these weekly Lakshmi Pujas at our center in the coming weeks each and every Friday evening beginning at 6:30 pm MST, and we invite you all to come share in these pujas with us as well.

You can follow the latest updates of the Mercy Corps care givers at

Thank you!

Sri Jeff & Dr. Katyayani Poole
Shruti Institute for Vedic Arts
Broomfield, Colorado