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Helping others feels good

October 21, 2009

PJ Souders

Portland, Or-e-gone
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The head-shrinkers tell us that helping other people boosts esteem, jump-starts optimism, banishes depression, spikes intelligence, and makes you a just a little bit better looking. (True!) Here's your chance to help Mercy Corps not once but TWICE.

We're adding a feature to our site that allows anyone to become a Mercy Corps fundraiser. So you could turn a lazy Sunday bike ride into a fundraising event for Mercy Corps. For example. Here's where YOU come in:

We need help testing this new feature, which you're, um, looking at right now. Click on the "Donate now" button in the "donate to this page" box, and make a donation. (You can leave also a comment with your donation, which will appear with your name on this page.) So that's helping Mercy Corps ONCE.

Then send me an email (or Twitter DM, or Facebook Message) giving me a little feedback on the experience. That's helping Mercy Corps TWICE



I've already reached my original goal of $200, which is awesome! You can still donate through this page, and totally blow that goal out of the water!