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FREE BEER for Haiti!

May 10, 2010

Paul Souders

Portland, OR
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Message from Paul Souders

Important update!

Brandy, Theresa, and Lisa have already collected their BEERS FOR HAITI! We had an awesome time and so can you if you donate $20.

And because they are the coolest women in the world they donated the price of their drinks back to the Haiti Jobs MPower program!

Haiti's out of the headlines but that doesn't mean everything's all hunky dory. The disastrous January quake destroyed more than buildings, it destroyed Port au Prince's already meager economy.

With Mercy Corps' new MPower projects, I'm helping raise money for small businesses in Haiti. Your donations through this page will help me reach my fundraising goal, and provide jobs and economic stability for people in Haiti.


I will buy a beer (or other beverage of choice) for anyone who donates $20 to this fundraiser. You may have to come to Portland to collect this beer, and you may be forced to drink it with me.

Thank you!