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NEW HOPE FOUNDATION fundraising campaign for Families in Need

November 3, 2012

new hope foundation

Rahimyarkhan, Punjab
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Message from New Hope Foundation

Your support will help millions of hard-working people who seek to rebuild their lives and homes while also resurrecting their communities. Your donation helps open schools, start small businesses and establish peace in communities scarred by conflict. New Hope Foundation works directly with communities to learn their most urgent needs, then collaborate with them on long-term solutions to their biggest challenges. By working together with families and local partners, you can help bring about lasting change — change that helps communities emerge from turmoil and turn crisis into opportunity.

In Pakistan, many poor tenants survive on borrowed money as their labour is effectively mortgaged to their landlords. After the floods damaged her house, she borrowed money and sheltered her family under plastic sheeting. The family begged by the roadside before they received humanitarian aid.

NHF is coordinating humanitarian assistance for flood-affected families in Qamber Shahdadkot and other hard-hit districts. NHF provided food baskets for a week and other families in the village, while Government authorities in the district provided them with tents.
But the food rations have run out, forcing families back to the roadside to beg and borrow money at high interest rates for their survival.

The situation is critical and more help is urgently needed.


Founder & Chairman New Hope Foundation International (NHF)

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