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Natalie Lerner's fundraising page for Horn of Africa Hunger Crisis

August 8, 2011

Natalie Lerner

Portland, OR
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Message from Natalie Lerner

Most of you have probably heard about the famine in East Africa, particularly Somalia, that's going on right now. Maybe you read an article in the newspaper or saw something on the news and thought "hmm, that's really sad." I felt that way too, but after looking through the New York Times' photos of Somalia, I realized just how bad the problem is.

I feel that I am a privileged person to live safely in the US, and reading about Somalia strongly enforces that feeling. I bet a lot of y'all feel that way as well. So check out the photos form the New York Times at and then donate!! Even if you can only give a dollar, that's more than a lot of Somalis have right now. And if everyone in the U.S. gave one dollar, we would be able to give Somalia more than $300 million in aid.