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Pakistan Flood Victims Campaign by Airline Employees Group

August 27, 2010

Nabeel Geoffrey

New York
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Message from Overseas Pakistani Airline Professional Group

By now you have seen the heart wrenching images of the flood victims in Pakistan. The local infrastructure has simply been washed away and will take decades to repair. The facts pertaining to the recent floods are shocking. Six million people are in urgent need of food water and medical aid, over 1600 people killed, over 20 Million People have been impacted by the floods, 1.6 million acres of crop bearing land destroyed. More than 25% of the country is under water with a threat of spreading disease and lack of medical supplies and fresh water.

This is the time to make a difference. Every little counts and we are encouraging everyone to make the gift of life to people in despair.

Mercy Corps has staff on the ground working to provide clean water to tens of thousands of people, and staple foods and clean-up tools to hundreds of affected families. They're also running mobile health clinics and delivering hygiene kits with soap, towels and other essentials.

Please help us raise money to help Mercy Corps aid families affected by the flooding.

Thank you for standing up and making a difference.

Nabeel (on behalf of the Airline Employees Group)

Update from Mercy Corp - 25th Sep 2010
Our 30-person team, augmented by four local NGOs, has supplied clean drinking water to at least 145,000 people in Pakistan’s flood-affected regions using a variety of methods: dispatching water tankers to camps, repairing water points, installing new generator-operated tube wells, and disinfecting existing water sources.
We’ve delivered basic foodstuffs and hygiene kits containing soap, towels, menstrual pads and other toiletries. We are treating about 200 people a day — about one-third of whom are children — for ailments such as acute diarrhea, skin diseases and respiratory infection at two mobile health units.
We opened two Diarrhea Treatment Centers in Sindh, in partnership with the World Health Organization, which each day treat several dozen patients with acute diarrhea and serve as a defense against a possible cholera outbreak. Most of these patients are children, who can die of severe diarrhea if it is not treated quickly.
As the floodwaters subside, Mercy Corps is transitioning from immediate relief to helping communities recover. In the weeks ahead, our teams will continue to:
1. Repair water systems and improve hygiene and sanitation practices
2. Provide medical care and rebuild health-related infrastructure
3. Employ residents to rebuild roads, clear debris, repair irrigation channels and retaining walls, and restore agricultural land and infrastructure.

Note: all donations after the 01st October will not be entered into the prize draw for airline tickets as those prizes will be closed to new donations effective 01Oct 2010.