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Metro Parent's Haiti Response Fundraiser

January 22, 2010

Metro Parent

Portland, OR
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Metro Parent has raised $2,430

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THANK YOU to everyone who has donated so far!! Metro Parent set up this page on Jan. 15, hoping to raise a total of $2,000 for the people of Haiti - $1,000 from our readers and a match of $1,000 from Metro Parent. We've already met and surpassed that goal.

While we can no longer match your donations - please don't stop giving! We will leave the page up indefinitely.

You've already given money to a Haiti relief effort? Please give a little more. Our brothers and sisters in Haiti, reeling from the most powerful quake to hit their country in 200 years, desperately need our help.

Mercy Corps relief workers are converging on Haiti from Africa, Asia, and North America. They're focusing first on the immediate needs -- for water, food, temporary shelter supplies and much more -- and then they’ll expand their work to three areas: clean water, post-trauma support for children and job creation.

The needs in Haiti are immense. Its capital lies in ruins, as many as 200,000 may be dead, and survivors are increasingly desperate for food, clean water and shelter. Please give what you can to help families recover.

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Thank you!