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Metro Parent's Fundraising Match Page for the Hunger Crisis in Somalia

August 4, 2011

Metro Parent Magazine

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Message from Metro Parent

Imagine a hungry mother or malnourished child. Now multiply that by 10.7 million people. That's what's happening in the Horn of Africa right now, affecting people in Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya, and threatening to spread.

It's estimated that 750,000 people in Somalia alone are at risk for starvation over the next few months.

Metro Parent magazine (along with our "sister" publication, Portland Woman) has been matching donations since September. As of Oct. 27, our readers had donated $1410 - which we matched for a total of $2820.

Our goal is to reach a total - reader donations and Metro Parent match - of $5,000 by the end of this year. When the amount on this page reaches $3,910, we will add another $1,090 - for a grand total of $5,000.

Together we can make a difference - we can help alleviate the tremendous suffering in the Horn of Africa.

Thank you!

The staff of Metro Parent