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Mary Tam: Join me!

November 20, 2009

Mary Tam

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Message from Mary Tam

I had the privilege of growing up near the ocean, in a supportive family, with endless opportunity. Now I work for Mercy Corps because I am passionate about social justice, or quite often the lack thereof. I'm grateful to know I can trust this organization and the work being done.

Mercy Corps manages its money, programs and resources responsibly. I know that my gifts, and yours if you choose to join me, will be used wisely to help those living on less than $1 a day. Women who put themselves at risk on a regular basis simply to gather firewood to cook for their families. Men who have lost everything because they are caught in the middle of wars they have no control over. Children who know suffering in a way I cannot even comprehend.

I imagine being in their positions. I would hope someone, anyone, would care enough to take action. Mercy Corps works in the toughest areas of the world and its programs are truly making a difference. If you share my concerns, consider becoming a partner of Mercy Corps and donate today.

Our field staff members are highly regarded by other international nonprofits, which speaks volumes. In all our programs we work with local communities to figure out what is most helpful and relevant to them whether it be job creation, water sanitation, women's empowerment, conflict management, health, education or hunger relief. I'm also happy to answer specific questions about our work in particular countries or areas. Just ask!