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Mary Tam's fundraising page for Crisis in Kyrgyzstan

July 12, 2010

Mary Tam

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Message from Mary Tam

Imagine you are going about your daily life when your community is attacked, for no apparent reason. Your house is destroyed. The business you have invested everything into is burned and looted. Your children are hungry. You have friends who were shot at or beaten. You have relatives who were raped. For no apparent reason. Imagine the dust has settled and as you shake off the shock, you realize your family has been left with nothing.

While the world has turned its attention elsewhere, thousands of people remain homeless and jobless in southern Kyrgyzstan.

Mercy Corps started what is now the largest bank in Kyrgyzstan - Kompanion, a microfinance company dedicated to community development. Here in Kyrgyzstan we have delivered essential humanitarian items to families in need. We have begun issuing equity grants to help small business owners make repairs, replace inventory and resume operations.

These people are not asking for anything - they have no reason to think anyone cares about their trauma and loss. $2,000 will allow four of these individuals to regain their self-sufficiency and dignity. Will you help me change four lives?

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